We offer a unique service that specializes in Optical Packaging, Job Tray Liners, and Coating Tools. The owner/ manufacturer is well versed iin the optical field starting with a B.F.A. Industrial Design degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. His career has followed a path for 21 years, designing optical systems, thermal cameras, optical test equipment, mechanical, and prototype design. But he wasn't satisfied until he started his own company designing and producing optical packaging plus a machine shop to produce coating tools.

We work directly with you identifying packaging problems, providing solutions involving customer plastic packaging for handling, shipping, and storage of components. This will reduce the cost of wrapping component parts by eliminating chipping, scratching, and other damage caused by excess handling. This in turn reduces spoilage. The custom design packaging provides safe and secure protection of your valuable optical components.

Another inhouse components handling of several like design parts that are placed in a Job Tray lined with paper. The solution to stop the parts from banging against each other and likely to cause damage, is our custom designed Job Tray Insert. Each part is placed in its own custom fitted nest that prevents each part from touch each other as they travel through the process. Each nest has two finger holes enabling the technician to easily remove the part(s) at any time during the process without damage.

For more information please contact me directly and I, in turn, will forward your inquiry directly to the manufacturer.

Packaged unit ~ Bottom ~ Part on bottom ~ Top