KC-OPW Series

KC-OPW-46- General purpose Stacking Wax. Excellent for blocking lenses to be ground or stacked for edging. 54-60°C (130-140°F) Organic Solvent
KC-OPW-38- Low melting Bonding Wax. This is what you use, when a minimum amount of heat is required to separate the work pieces. 50-60°C (122-1400°F) Organic Solvent
KC-OPW-721-B- ''No Pack" Mounting Wax Based A superior mounting and aggressive mechanical Bonding Cement. General, but not limited to, use on cutting wheels during processing of Ceramic, Glass, Quartz, Sapphire, Silicon and other non-porous materials. We have developed the KC-MWR-170 Water Base Mounting Wax Remover as the preferred Solvent. 77-93°C (170-199°F) KC-MWR-170 Water
KC-OPW-927A- Its unique composition makes this Bonding Wax incredibly strong for those unique demanding applications 82-88°C (180-1900°F) Organic Solvent

Note: A ultrasonic bath does wonders to accelerate the demounting and cleaning process. Hazards Identification- Classification of the substance of mixture- Not classified as Hazardous according to OSHA Hazard Communication Standard: 2CFR 1910-1200.


    The KC MWR 170 is a powder, when mixed with water, creates an environmentally safe compound for the removal of mounting waxes. It is a perfect fit with the KC-OPW-721B: a "No Pack" mounting cement.
    Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Glass, Iron, Magnesium, and Silicon. The KC MWR 170 has the ability to solvate finishing compounds, general contaminates, greases, oils, silicons, and soils.
    • 1. Add 6oz. (170 grams) to one gallon of water at ambient temperature.
    • 2. Heat the mixture to a temperature of 122°F (50"C) to 158°F (70°C) and immerse parts into the mixture.
    • 3. Rinse the parts thoroughly.