The KC Nonwoven Pad composition compared to woven and knitted materials (NWs), is generally unknown.

However, NWs have become indispensable in today's civilization including but not limited to: household, industry, medical (including hoods and masks) personal hygiene, outdoors in the fields, interion textiles, etc. The list is far from complete and new applications emergy yearly. The materials are produced without looms or knitting machines. The major advantage of producing NWs is that the material is produced from fibers in the first work step.

NWs consist of millions of fibers made into a web and then bonded. The fibers are made from acrylics, hard resin, permeable polymers (polyester or polypropylene), phenolic, reinforced urethane, etc. This dictates the process to make the web and the final bonding to create the finished product. The material's specific weight is regulated by fiber thickness and the number of web layers. By monitoring each step precisely, accurate production of the materials is achieved. This ensures predictable results from lot to lot, giving you consistent results in your process.

NWs can withstand the effects of acidic or alkaline based abrasives, polishing media or paste. The material can withstand variable pressure without distortion. NWs can tolerate temperatures of 370°F (187°C) measured between the pad, the part that is being polished interfaced with the polishing media. These combined features will maintain the integrity of the material and prevent edge roll-off of the part(s).


  • Our KC 900/655SP and KC 900/955SP (both the same but different thicknesses) are excellent for polishing Sapphire, Silicon, Zerodur, ULE and other hard materials using de-ionized water, or other abrasive slurries and paste.
  • KC 4991 Regular and Embossed - A one of a kind reinforced urethane material compatible with acidic and alkaline media. It is excellent for bulk removal and polishing assorted materials including ceramics, glass, metal and silicon wafers. It is versatile as a sub-pad underneath a hard pad to create uniformity of a polishing surface. The Embossed version has been approved for polishing ZnS and ZnSe.
  • KCS 0014NC - Comprised of proprietary fibers bonded to a high loft and highly porous polishing cloth. This material can be buffed on one side, combined with a polishing slurry or paste to polish ceramics, glass and metals.
  • KC-B70 - A black buffed fibrous polishing pad consisting of a proprietary hydro-entangle nonwoven material filled with a soft resin. The material can be laminated with PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive), a hot melt adhesive and die-cut to a final pad configuration. Both sides of the KC-B70 are uniform in structure. Therefore no buffing is required.