Our AIMS --
Providing our customers with the best materials at the best value.

We offer the following unique processing components:

  • Non-woven pads.
  • An unequal one of a kind molded plastic polishing pad to achieve ultra flat surfaces.
  • A highly technical manufacturing process to produce our KC-SS-OH 2020 Porous Hard Pad used for polishing Micro and Logic chips and other unique materials with either a plain or grooved pattern.
  • High purity sub-micron precision glass polishing Cerium Oxide slurry that is versatile on pitch or pads. It contains 97% rare earth oxide.
  • Mounting waxes for specific applications.
  • Environmentally safe cleaner for our KC-OPW-721B "No-Pack" mounting wax.
  • Unusual diamond material application for many applications.
  • Composite lapping plates that are very compatible with diamond slurry.

All of the products will help you achieve excellence in producing your end product.

In addition, we offer packaging made from your drawing(s). Packaging is designed and fabricated in the USA by an engineer with many years of experience in the optical industry. The packaging can be used for job trays or shipping completely protected finished parts to your customers.

Our CORE VALUES are simple --
We offer the best unique components supported by ISO certification, where applicable. We charge a fair price. We are honest. We always make sure that our data is accurate. Our components are supported by engineers and technicians familiar with your industry, who have an understanding of your needs and will work to solve problems, thereby improving your production and profit.